3 differences between karate and taekwondo

Karate and taekwondo are very similar. They have noticeable differences between the two; still, people often confuse between the two. Here we are going to look at the differences between karate and taekwondo.


Karate is a Japanese martial art form that doesn’t use any weapons. The participants fight with bare hands. It was developed from the Ryukyu Islands that is now Okinawa in Japan. Karate also has some Chinese influence. Taekwondo originates from Korea. It is a combat sport. It started 2000 years ago and has the influence of the three Korean kingdoms of Silla, Goguryeo, and Baekje.


The fighting style differs between the two. The karate uses more hand techniques; the kicks are only used as a backup. Taekwondo, on the other hand, involves more kicking. It uses hands as a backup as opposed to the karate. In taekwondo, you will learn various kick moves like jumping and spinning. In karate, there is very less movement of the legs and the legs stay on the ground most of the time. In Taekwondo, you need to take various leg stance to perform kicks.


In competitions, karate and taekwondo have specific guidelines. In karate, you get equal points for kicks and punches; but in taekwondo, you get more points for kicks.

Karate and taekwondo are both good for self-defense. They are a good form of physical exercise as well. The type of martial art you choose depends on your preference. So, choose one that you feel comfortable with.

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